Moon Valley a surrealistic tour

Valley of the moon San JuanIschigualasto Natural Park of 62,000 hectares, is located 330 km from the capital of the province of San Juan in the northeast , bordering the province of La Rioja . For its outstanding geological and paleontological value and to be a community with exceptional natural features of scientific interest , the site Ischigualasto – Talampaya has been declared by UNESCO NATURAL HERITAGE OF MANKIND on November 29, 2000


Valley of the moon San JuanThe geology divides the history of the Earth in great stages called Eras : Paleozoic , Mesozoic and Cenozoic . The Mesozoic Era , which starts 225-250000000 years was characterized by the expansion of the reptiles, which are large dinosaurs . At the end of this era , 70 million years ago there is a large species of these reptiles , leaving Earth’s hegemony to mammals. Ischigualasto represents the first of the periods into which this Mesozoic Era , called the Triassic period lasts about 45 to 50 million years.

It is the only place where you can be fully exposed and perfectly distinct throughout the Triassic period in a complete and orderly .

Ischigualasto is in the best and most complete representation of this point in the history of life on Earth , having found numerous remains of plants and animals that populated at the time. The finding of remains of one of the oldest dinosaurs known , the carnivore ‘ Eoraptor lunensis ‘ (ancient predator) give new answers about the origin and evolution of those small primitive relatives (carnivores and herbivores) of giants that inhabited the Earth during the Mesozoic era . Herein lies the true scientific value of Ischigualasto


Known by popular names , are the product of differential wear different kinds of rocks. The softer they are quickly eroded by water , wind, etc. . While hard , being resilient, longer retain their structure and acquires all these odd shapes . Some of them are : Cerro Morado, Worm , Valle Pintado, Bocce Court , the submarine , the Mushroom , Barrancas Coloradas .

The park offers a strange landscape , where the scarcity of vegetation and the widest range of colors of your floors , plus the fad in the forms of the mountains , make this a favorite place for tourists , both domestic and foreign . While it is a science , it can go as private vehicles guided tour with a guide of the park, which makes stations or stops and explains the site visited , this tour lasts 3 hours , and also offers tours in bicycles.

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