Tours to Iguazu Falls

Discover Nature and Grandeur at Iguazu Falls!

Nature Tours at Iguazu Falls

The Iguazu Falls, known locally as the Cataratas del Iguazu, are an unforgettable spectacle. With more than 250 cascades tumbling from the Upper Iguazu down-stream into a ravine 230ft below, these waters foam and boil in a ceaseless maelstrom with great clouds of spray rising up to send out dozens of miniature rainbows. The falls, arranged in a reverse J shape, are shared between Brazil and Argentina; from the former country, the view is panoramic, meditative, neatly photogenic; but on the Argentine side you’re able to get extremely close, and gaze up at the girder-like chutes of brown water, with the deafening roar of the falls pounding the rocks all around. Vencejos (swifts) dance in and out of the falls, somehow avoiding a watery death; human visitors are best advised to take one of the boat trips up the Lower Iguazu, where they can get wet and wild in total safety.

Nature and adventure at Iguazu Falls! Book your tour with us today!

Nature and adventure at Iguazu Falls! Book your tour with us today!

The centerpiece of this stunningly beautiful national park is the rainforest habitat that’s home to the toucan, deer, jaguar, tapir and coatis. The falls are best experienced as part of a jungle retreat tour. During the past decade, a small number of specialized lodges have opened in and around the park allowing visitors to soak up the tropical setting whereas in the past travelers have always stayed at hotels in the main town, called Puerto Iguazu. For those who want to combine a natural and jungle adventure tour with some history, it’s a morning’s bus ride south to the San Ignacio ruins, site of the Jesuit mission that was featured in the famous 1986 film The Mission starring Robert de Niro and Jeremy Irons. At 01 Argentina Travel Agency, we offer a number of personalized, high-quality tours to this amazing destination which will allow you to explore whichever facet of the region you are interested: the flora and fauna, the jungle habitat, the adventure tourism of the area, as well as the history and culture of the region. Check out the great tours and travel packages we have to offer and contact us today!

Adventure Tours at Iguazu Falls