Tours to Salta and the Argentine Northwest

Travel to Salta and Northwestern Argentina!

Travel to Salta

Just a short flight or a day’s drive from Buenos Aires, you???ll find the city of Salta, a provincial capital with a unique culture and fascinating colonial history. This distinctly Andean city is an ideal place for exploring Argentina’s Indian heritage ??? music, textiles and cuisine. You can also drive into scenic adventures ??? down the red-rock ravine of the Quebrada del Rio de las Conchas, or into the wine region surrounding the town Cafayate.

Explore Adventure and Nature Tourism in Salta!

Explore Adventure and Nature Tourism in Salta!

Natural beauty and culture combine in the entire province of Salta, Argentina, offering tourists the most varied options. It attracts both those travelers who find pleasure in quiet, contemplative vacations, and those who prefer the risk of adventure. Surrounded by hills that have become ideal for mountain sports, Salta receives lovers of adventure tourism, and hosts events and activities related to trekking and mountain biking. Nature tourism is also extremely popular in this Northwestern province. There???s a wide variety of nature-related attractions: hot rock formations sculpted by nature through the steady erosion; fascinating range of colors in the stones, national parks and striking native species.

In the cities and towns of the northwest, visitors can explore numerous cultural itineraries and ethnic customs. Cave paintings, ruins, ancient constructions, monuments to Argentine forefathers, reconstructions of the past in museums are just some of the things this region has to ofer for those interested in exploring the many historical and cultural facets of Salta and its surrounding area. Recognized festivals and high-quality services complete Salta and its combination of exotic beauty and tradition. This is a travel destination where your tour options and alternatives will never be exhausted and where travelers can truly make the most of their vacations or short trips. Book a tour today and see this amazing combination of history, culture, and nature today!

Tours to Salta and Northwest Argentina