Argentina in Pictures

Argentina, located at the southern tip of South America, is the second largest country in south america and eighth in the world. The country is bordered by Bolivia and Paraguay on the north, Brazil, Uruguay and the Atlantic Ocean in the east and Chile to the west and south. It has about 37 million inhabitants. The Andes mountain system is the most impressive and most distinguishes this country. Within her is the Aconcagua, which is the highest peak in the world after the Himalayas. This range also has several mountain ranges such as the East and the Sub-Andean Sierras north, and Buenos Aires as Tandilia mountain systems and Ventania.

Los Andes is not the only mountain range that separates Argentina. This country also has plateaus and plains, located in different climates, offer tourists appreciate the experience simply incomparable panoramas.

The Northeast is another scenario that distinguishes this country and is accentuated by having a warm climate, mountains of various colors, streams of clear water, breathe valleys and streets steeped in history.

Another striking horizons is Mesopotamia, another mountainous area in Argentina. In its northern part has a subtropical climate, while in the south temperate climate prevails. In addition, it is rich in its flora and fauna and is crossed by large rivers that highlight the beauty of the place.

And finally, an area you can not miss is Patagonia, which is the most extensive mountain region and cold in the south. To the west is mainly constituted by a spectacular mountain landscape crossed by forests, lakes and glaciers, the center of an arid plateau, and east by extensive beaches with marine fauna worth admiring. The southern end of this region is the Antarctic world point.

In terms of culture, this country has a European origin is reflected in his music, food, architecture and literature, because for a while there was a large influx of immigrants from various countries of Europe.

In addition, the capital, Bueno Aires, has a wide variety of shows and has about 100 cinemas and 90 theaters. Therefore, this city is known as the most intense theatrical activity in Latin America.

For those who have had the pleasure of visiting, Argentina together in one place land and sublime scenery, important cultural activity, and rich traditions that make it unique. So in this journey through the best of Latin America, Argentina, the country of tango, the best beef in the world, Maradona, could not miss. Dare to Travel. Book Now!

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