Dinner and Tango Shows

Tango Tours in Buenos Aires

Dinner and Tango Shows in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tango isn???t just a music and dance phenomenon ??? it???s also the key to understanding the romance and personality of Buenos Aires. The form flourished in the first decades of the 20th century, which was also the golden era of Argentina???s economy and the period during which Buenos Aires evolved into a world-class, cosmopolitan capital. Tango and this belle epoque have left their mark on the city, from the glorious Alvear Palace Hotel to the moody corner cafes and the street art depicting tango crooners Carlos Gardel and Astor Piazzolla.

Discover the world of tango in Buenos Aires !

Discover the world of tango in Buenos Aires !

The city???s many shows are a great way to get a feel for tango: venues such as El Querandi, Se??or Tango and Piazzolla Tango host glitzy spectacles every evening, and try to explain the genesis and character of tango. For those who want to go deeper, the neighborhood?? milongas (dance nights) are enjoyable, and many hold classes for beginners before the main dancing event. The grand Confiter??a Ideal cafe-restaurant and the Esquina Homero Manzi are well-known, reputable milonga venues. Travel to Buenos aires and learn to dance and understand the amazing steps of the tango!

Buenos Aires is a territory inhabited and narrated by the tango. It lives according to the 2×4 rhythm and the?? hot, sensual feel of the dance. The captivating steps continue to leave their mark on every corner of the beautiful city. Buenos Aires is filled wth spaced dedicated to tango shows, dancers, and live bands ??? many of which also offer ample opportunities for ample, personalized intensive classes with expert instructors. Milongas take place every evening in this big, romantic city. Milongas are the temples of tango and gather together professionals and apprentices! Argentines and foreigners unite in the common passion that this rhythm arouses! Buenos Aires is also home to renowned international festivals such as the Metropolitan Championship of Tango Salon, the Buenos Aires Tango Festival and the Dance World Championship of Tango. Take a tour with us in Buenos Aires and explore the magical world of Tango dance and culture in Buenos Aires! Many of these tours include dinner and a show at amazing tango events and venues.

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