Carnival in the Quebrada de Humahuaca

Carnival tilcaraTilcara Jujuy Province Jujuy red dresses, bright colors to celebrate another year of Tilcara Carnival 2015. The Devil Wears, and goes in search of fun in the quiet streets of Jujuy peoples.
Tilcara Carnival 2015 is the perfect date to go into cultural northern Argentina and enjoy all its cultural manifestations. Everything is permitted Jujuy villages are filled with fun, joy and especially contrast, mixing religious faith and paganism Jujuy because Carnival has arrived.
Tilcara is located in the area of ??????the Quebrada de Humahuaca Jujuy a town of about 300 inhabitants mainly farmers, recognized as the archaeological capital of the province, where carnival is celebrated with great fervor.
Tilcara Carnival lasts a week, where the festivities are held together with chicha (traditional alcoholic drink made from fermented corn) and coke (the leaves of the plant are chewed or infusions are made). The great celebration begins Saturday Carnival. At five in the afternoon, all present, both natives and visitors and tourists gather around any of the five stone markers that are in the mountains and proceeds to dig the Devil Carnavalero red symbolizing the sun, according to whom belief is fruitful to Pacha Mama (mother Earth), giving rise to seeds, roots, stems, foliage and fruit of the region.
Carnival begins on the first day participants Febrero.Los accompany the groups when they gather around the villages, to perform the ceremony of “unearthing Carnival” .Next Carnival is celebrated Great and finally a week later, the Carnival Chico (burial). Between dances can savor delicious empanadas, corn, goat cheese, roasted lamb, among other delicious regional dishes to enjoy on your vacation in Tilcara.

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The Carnival of the Quebrada de Humahuaca is a mixture of celebration introduced by the Spaniards during the conquest of America and the cults of the native peoples.

The people of the Quebrada de Humahuaca Carnival combined with holding their rituals linked to the earth (Pachamama).

The celebration begins on the Saturday before Carnival weekend, when troupes groups reach the hillsides surrounding villages to unearth the “devil”, who were buried at the end of the carnival last year.

Carnival in the Quebrada de Humahuaca

Once unearthed “the devil” and firecrackers troupe (where many are disguised devil) begins to decrease people dancing to traditional music as juje??o carnavalito are thrown. In all there are musicians you compare it with trumpets, snare drums, trombones, saxophone, drums, etc. The extras carry a banner identifying them and walk the streets of the town, where in different houses are invited to drink.

In the streets the different members of the groups you’re dressed and flour are thrown. Many carry branches of basil (it is considered an aphrodisiac) leaving a very special aroma through the streets of the towns. In the street musicians there are bands who play their melodies sikuris every step.

After parading through the streets of towns, street musicians gather at certain points called “fortress”. In these places rocks with music and dancing until dawn are armed.

Carnival Jujuy Tilcara

Carnival Sunday, after several days of dancing and celebration, the celebration ends with the burial of the devil. The groups return to the slopes of the hills, to the place where the celebration began and buried the doll offerings (cigarettes, coca leaves, alcohol) and firecrackers taken for completion of the carnival.

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