Tour to north of Argentina

Tours in Argentina from Northwest to the Northeast


The Northwest is, mostly, a mountainous region with spectacular landscapes.
It comes west as a high plateau 3800 meters average (like the Puna), furrowed by mountain ranges of elevation. In the central part streams (such as Humauaca) of great slope. To the east are mountains that just over 2000 meters, as a transition to Chaco plains.
In contrast hills of snow on the summits of the highest peaks occurs; with red, purple and green of the rock.
Tourist Train to the Clouds in Salta, is one of the highest in the world, and to appreciate these landscapes in a unique way.
La Quebrada de Humahuaca in Jujuy with its colorful mountain ranges and picturesque villages, some pre-Columbian, is worth appreciating.
Across this region you can find picturesque villages planes history and immersed in natural scenes without equal, as Purmamarca, Tilcara, Yav??, Humahuaca, Cachi and Iruya, among others.


Mesopotamia is surrounded by two large rivers: the Paran?? and Uruguay, in addition to being crossed by many rivers and streams. Much of the region is low and marshy, when receiving a wealth of rain, and south marshes and low hills are. It presents, in the province of Misiones, rocky formations that break the channel of rivers giving birth to falls, rapids and waterfalls. Spectacular example of this is the famous Iguazu Falls, declared a Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO, as well as the Mocon??.
Further south are the coastal provinces of Entre Rios, Corrientes and Santa F??, with numerous beaches, islands and places to practice swimming, fishing, spectacular specimens, and water sports.
In both subregions we find rich and varied flora and fauna, especially in protected sectors subtropical jungle of Misiones, and the more temperate forests and parks of Corrientes and Entre R??os, as in the Ibera Marshes nature reserve.
We can also enjoy hot springs in several cities.

Recommended to visit Season: Autumn, Winter and Spring.

Activities to Do: Historic Tourism; trekking; rafting; paragliding; horseback riding; thermal baths; sport fishing; walks and nautical activities; bird watching, flora and fauna.

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