10 Places anti stress of Argentina

ArgentinaEscape the city to lock the concerns and spend all that makes us forget what we do the rest of the year.These are holidays! Find out where to go, a list of some of our destinations ideal country to rest

El Bolson and Andean Region (R??o Negro)

Properties stress: landscapes unmissable River and Blue Ice. More desirable destination to visit with kids. An oasis of mountains and rivers in which their inhabitants make land care a cult transmitted to new generations. In the region, good prices on hotels and the ability to disconnect with outdoor sporting activities.

Villa Traful (Neuqu??n)

Properties stress: the only avenue of this Patagonian village is what RP 65 and realizes that in the Villa no traffic, no irritating or anything like stress of any city noise. Walking along the namesake river that borders the village is an experience that is repeated every day of stay in the place. A classic activity: Diving the Sunken Forest cypress and evergreen.

Villa La Angostura (Neuqu??n)

Properties stress: forced onto Route of the Seven Lakes that is, from its inception, a charming village of Patagonia and exclusive destination. In recent years doubled its population receiving many locals who came to this Patagonian setting to change your life. The real estate, hotel and restaurant boom never took his charm in finding guaranteed rest.

Villa Pehuenia (Neuqu??n)

Properties stress: the charm of this young Patagonian town lies in the beauty of its landscape and Araucaria lakes and quiet streets with no name and they did in the beginning, the ideal destination for couples. The Mapuche community is responsible for carrying out the ski Bats Mahuida volcano. Do not leave without trying the alfajores flour pinion.

Traslasierra (C??rdoba)

Properties stress: is one of the most beautiful valleys of Cordoba, almost isolated from the Sierras of Comechingones and Achala Summit. A string of picturesque villages linking Las Farms, La Paz, Luyaba, Population, Yacanto, San Javier, Villa Las Rosas, Las Rabonas, Nono and Mina Clavero (traveling from Merlo). It is advisable to stop at least one day in each of these destinations to discover on foot.

Delta (Buenos Aires)

Properties stress: a few minutes of downtown, peace and quiet in a group of islands that contrast with the city stress leave just one paw to go into the arms of the Parana. Not to be confused with Delta Tigre and Puerto de Frutos (on land), one of the busiest weekends rides.

Purmamarca (Jujuy)

Properties stress: although eventually became one of the peoples of the Quebrada de Humahuaca underwent further change, his spirit remains intact village, the quality of the hotel and its unalterable peaceful atmosphere. The walk to Los Colorados is a must to understand the incredible colors of the hills that surround it.


Properties stress: a framed by Calchaquies Valles people refers to a stage of a film set for their impeccable adobe houses and their facades to guard the passage of time. Ideal for a few days guaranteed unplug and stop along the way of the Valleys.

Paran?? (Entre Rios)

Properties stress: the river marks the pulse of a city manor and constant reassurance. Are there not more activity quiet to contemplate the flow of the Paran?? from the edge of one of the beaches in the area? It also has several spots for sport fishing.

Esteros del Iber????(Corrientes)

Properties stress: in the last ten years has established itself as one of the places chosen by those seeking a perfect mix between comfort and nature. Initially tourists were staying in the house of the wardens. Today stays and lodges that are the basis for proposed tourism activities were established. The tours start early in the morning, during the afternoon and in summer, shelter from the heat in pools of lodgings.

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