What to eat on a trip to Argentina

Typical Argentine dishes

asado in ArgentinaThe gastronomy of each site is an important part of the tourist experience. In this article we will suggest you what to eat on a trip to Argentina
The food culture is basically carnivorous in Argentina where the dish is the ???Asado??? (Barbecue). Meat Argentina is famous worldwide and it also includes Strip roast loin, vacuum entails, sweetbread, chitterlings, kidneys, sausages and black pudding which are some of the dishes that appeal to everyone. The Barbecue may include or not in the previous two dishes we mentioned other Argentines specialties: empanadas and ???picada???. It is usual to eat red meat with Malbec red wine from the region of Cuyo (Mendoza manily) The barbecue is accompanied with simple salads.

barbecue in ArgentinaWithin the northern Argentine cuisine include tamales, hominy, chanfaina, carbonada meat and potatoes, the goat, the caramel cakes, the chip?? correntino, fried cakes and porridges. The soup is a thick stew made from corn and squash, which has meat, potatoes, beans, vegetables and chorizo. Its origin is in the north, but has spread throughout the country, where it is consumed mainly in the national holidays of May 25 and July 9.
Meanwhile in Patagonia you must try the smoked trout, lamb or crab. In coastal areas of Argentina, you should try the offshore seafood like squid, prawns and mussels.

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The fish can be found in its various forms also in coastal areas. Among the finest are hake, sole, sea bass, mackerel and brown trout or rainbow. Near the river Parana, Corrientes and Entre Rios there are fishes like dorado, pacu and surub??.??For dessert, the best dishes are caramel pancakes (crepes), puddings, cakes and everything you can think of.??Tips for waiters in bars and restaurants are not mandatory, but it has become a habit. Overall, it is estimated an additional 10% of the account and is contingent on the care provided by the staff.

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