Christmas in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Christmas in Buenos Aires The City of Buenos Aires is one of the most beautiful cities in the world for the coming of Christmas. Our Argentina Travel Agency offer Buenos Aires city tours at the better prices.
From a little before 8 December (day family homes assemble the traditional Christmas tree), the city is completely transformed and is worthy to be admired. All brand and of any item, local adorn all windows when chords. In the city you can observe large Christmas tree armed with stunning lights and colored balls. Many of the largest shopping malls or stores Buenos Aires, competing to be the largest and most striking tree. In these latitudes and early December when it starts to palpal the Christmas spirit in the city of Buenos Aires begins to get hot, that does not stop everyone prepare for the arrival of the holidays, beyond being a celebration religious, everyone sets his tree. The Argentina tradition is typically meet family for dinner. No specific dishes for December 24 (good night). All anxiously await the arrival of the 12 at night for fun and throwing fireworks and other types of pyrotechnics. For the little ones, it was always a tradition to “Santa Claus” who brings gifts. The few family homes, many uncles, grandparents or parents dress.

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Within the City of Buenos Aires, the popular “Galerias Pacifico” the downtown Buenos Aires, decorate your room with Inmes interiro Christmas tree. They also hire a Santa Claus, so that children can be photographed with him. In the rest of the shopping, such as Alto Palermo, Alcorta or Abasto, also something similar happens. Many ofrente promotions and discounts and generally are open late into the night to those who forget to buy gifts. The city government also decorates the main streets and goings, with ribbons, lights, colorful stars, ribbons or huge balls placed in trees or cables crossing the streets. In turn also the residents of the city fulfill this function, lights hanging from the balconies and windows. This weekend in the City of Buenos Aires can see huge Christmas trees! The first is 17 meters and is located in the Casa Rosada and the other of 40 meters near the Teatro Col??n. Also in the Christmas Park Thays Park was inaugurated, with several attractions for children. Staff of the Directorate of Maintenance of Government House rose for the weekend a Christmas tree 17 meters. The assembly began on Balcarce and Rivadavia. The Christmas symbol has a base of 7.30 meters and will be lit by LED energy-saving lights. Interactive Christmas Tree in Buenos Aires The country’s largest interactive Christmas tree is in the Plaza Vatican City State (Viamonte between Cerrito and Libertad). It is an initiative of Banco Ciudad and Fundaleu, as an icon of the “A Star X a Smile”. The tree 40 meters, accompanied by a life-size nativity scene is the excuse for anyone to donate from $ 25 in a special account of Banco Ciudad, and get a star with his name in the Christmas symbol, helping Fundaleu in the fight against leukemia. Christmas Park, which will remain open until the 24th of this month. The hours will be Monday to Friday 15-20, and Saturdays and Sundays from 10-20. As every year, the park was assembled Avenida Figueroa Alcorta and Callao (Thays Park) and offer the kids the chance to visit Santa Claus and leave their cards. Children will also have the opportunity to have fun and interact with elves and a fantasy world designed for them. All activities offered by the park are free. In the place they will gather toys to donate to NGOs, and will be activities for children and adults, as the “Village of elves,” the “Toy Factory”, the “Cottage Santa Claus” and “Ker

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