Hot spring tours in Argentina

Tours including Hot spring in Argentina

Argentina has more than 40 spas throughout the country. These centers of hot springs of Argentina are recognized not only for infrastructure but for the beauty of its location.

Tours to Argentina spa

Argentina offers many tours including Hot springs and it is quintessential thermal land. It houses over 40 renowned spas in the world not only by the properties of its waters, but also by the excellent infrastructure that complements. The waters are volcanic, magmatic or telluric and enriched with various minerals from north to south. These hot springs of Argentina, ranging between 32 ?? and 46 ?? C, are generally appropriate to treat various conditions or simply to relax.
They are beneficial for various ailments of the skin, bones, digestive, respiratory, circulatory and locomotors or serve also for beauty and relaxation treatments.

The spas in the northern of Argentina are in total 17 centers in the middle of the most incredible natural beauty and best tourist destinations. Among them we can mention the Termas de Reyes located in Jujuy and Termas de Rio Hondo in Santiago del Estero.

Where are the best hot spring tours in Argentina?

While in the Chaco there are the Baths of Roque Saenz Pena, the major infrastructure is in the Province of Entre Rios where there are the main focus spas in the region. Among them we can mention: Chajar??, Colon, Concordia, Federaci??n, Gualeguaych??, La Paz, Mar??a Grande, San Jose and Villa Elisa. These complexes, designed in the form of “thermal parks” can be visited by all the family, all year round.

In the province of Neuqu??n stands Copahue Provincial Park, home to the thermal complex. In this province can also visit the Baths of Domuyo and Termas de Lahuenco. Moreover, in the province of La Pampa, are complex and Guatrach?? and Bernardo Larroud??, both with high quality infrastructure and water multiple healing benefits. Northwest of the province of Cordoba is the center Mar Chiquita.

In San Luis province there are two important thermal springs: The Baths of San Geronimo and the Baths of Balde. The province of Mendoza has seven hot springs areas among which are The Challao, Los Molles and Cacheuta. Moreover, in La Rioja are the Santa Teresita Spa and in San Juan, Termas de Pismanta centers and La Laj

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