Villa La Angostura South of Neuquen, Patagonia

villa_angostura_02Patagonia in Argentina in the province of Neuquen, Villa La Angostura is 70 km away from Bariloche. La Angostura is an area of lakes, rivers and mountains surrounded by woods, ideal for holidays, recreation and sports such as ski, snowboard. From mid October fishing season begins and summer is the ideal time for trekking, go canoeing, horseback riding, mountain biking and all kinds of adventure tourism. In the area there are a number of cabins, lodges, apart hotels to provide accommodation of the highest level, as well as restaurants, teahouses and crafts.

Excursions in Villa Langostura

There are various activities to do in Villa La Angostura. Ascent to Cerro Belvedere. If you want to visit the Waterfall Inacayal, the Black Drawer and climb to Cerro Belvedere, you have to get up early. To reach the beginning of the path, from the junction in Villa La Angostura, take Avenida 7 Lagos (RN40) towards San Martin de los Andes, fold down the street Cacique Antriao until the end, then the right hand side folded in a street that goes into the forest and ending in an area of the Paichil Antriao community. From then on it follows a path on foot after about 15 minutes you get to a viewpoint overlooking Lake Correntoso, there are signs pointing time and location to get to the waterfall and other points of interest. After half an hour but the Inacayal waterfall about 40 meters high is reached, it can be spotted in the distance from afar surrounded by a native forest coihues. Ma later crossing there is a sign with directions to Cajon Black. After half an hour, you reach a valley surrounded by hills. Is still ascending enjoying the best view of the Nahuel Huapi National Park, you can see the Cordillera de los Andes, Cerro Bayo, the Inacayal hill, Lake Nahuel Huapi, Lake Correntoso, Lake Mirror, the Tronador and far Lanin Volcano. The trip is about 5 hours one way.

Another spectacular place is the Dora casacada to reach Route 40 is taken along the road of 7 lakes until you reach a fork to the left it is Chile and on the right to San Martin de los Andes. It takes left towards Chile and Argentina have to pass the customs. A few kilometers further, but before crossing the bridge over the river Pantojo on the right is an indicator of the path cartel and is there for where to go. That leaves the car and continue on foot. After a while, the cohihues replace the lenga and beech trees, and huge, characteristic of the Valdivian forest lhelechos appear. The path, at times, has no serious difficulties. Round trip must calculate about 4 hours. The route is one 7 km approx. There is a sign indicating the Dora waterfall and following law, Waterfall Santa Ana. For a short cruise can climb to the lookout Quetrihue, located in the Los Arrayanes National Park. To get from the city, take the Boulevard Nahuel Huapi to the port and will meet the climb to the viewpoint Quetrihue meters before reaching Bahia Brava. Go up the path to the Forest of Myrtles that walk will take about 7 to 8 hours. After about 10 minutes there is a sign indicating the direction to the viewpoint overlooking Lake Nahuel Huapi side Brava Bay and on the other the view of the Mansa Bay. Bahia Brava, has a spring on the Nahuel Huapi. You can also rent bikes or take the catamaran, the route is famous for the scenery, within a native forest coihues.

Myrtle Forest

You can reach catamaran in velelero, on foot or by bicycle. From the port of Villa La Angostura, at Pier Modesta Victoria, Bahia Mansa, it takes the Catamaran “Futaleufu” or the Patagonia Argentina Bahia Brava spring.

Walking Lacustres

Enjoy the fascinating experience of sailing through the waters of Lake Nahuel Huapi, watching the coasts of Villa La Angostura, this small mountain village and refined our northern Patagonia. The contrast of crystalline waters, snowy mountains and lush forests of coihues, radales, ñires and cypress trees provide the ideal framework for relaxation, contemplation and fun with family or friends.

Mirador Quetrihue

They are located 3 km. From the Automobile Club of Villa La Angostura, way to Puerto de La Angostura, on the Boulevard Nahuel Huapi.
After passing through the pretty little chapel of the Assumption, built in stone, logs and shingles in the 30s and passing on the left the entrance to the Messidor Residence of the Government of Neuquen, on the same hand, one block before the second spring the main port of Villa la Angostura

River and Lake Correntoso

Accessed out of Villa La Angostura along National Route 231 toward the Road of the Seven Lakes bordering Lake Nahuel Huapi to reach a large bridge that crosses over the river Correntoso.
This river is formed by the union of the Correntoso and Nahuel Huapi lake, its waters are transparent and greenish. With its 300 meters long is one of the shortest rivers in the world.

Mirador Belvedere

Av. Siete Lagos (R.231), 1200m. the shopping center and the right, goes the old road to Lake Correntoso.
A 800 mts. the right path again begins to climb the winding and steep road to the viewpoint from which a wide view of Lake Correntoso, its spa, enjoy advisable for its warm waters, and the river of the same name is observed.

Rio Bonito Waterfall

It can be done from both the North and the South Wall. The latter is only for climbers since it has a high degree of difficulty.

Santa Ana and Dora Waterfall

You can not help but know them. Although the walk required to have the full day, accompanied by a guide and do a small procedure in Argentina customs. After Customs, a few kilometers from the lenga forests that characterize the crossing of the mountain range, with its red leaves in the autumn months are crossed.

Black box

Whether on foot or horseback accompanied by a guide National Park, is after several hours reach this peaceful valley, which dazzles with its peace and glorious views of the surroundings, the cooing of waterfalls Brook The Piedritas, the lengal stocky and perhaps overflying a condor.

Route 7 Lakes

Leaving Villa La Angostura taking Route of the Seven Lakes towards San Martin de los Andes (Route 231), the bridge over the river Correntoso one of the shortest rivers in the world that starts at Lake Correntoso crosses and empties into the Nahuel Huapi.

Manzano Point

Puerto Manzano, is an area of lakes rivers and mountains surrounded by woods, ideal for holidays, recreation and sports such as skiing.

Cerro Bayo

Experts consider it one of the ski centers with “best view in the world”. It is 9 km. from Puerto Manzano, on Provincial Route 66, 6 km. from the National Route 231 and 83 Km. from San Carlos de Bariloche.


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