Ten top tours in Buenos Aires

top-tours-buenos-aires-03Among the most popular destinations in the world the city of Buenos Aires is positioned as number 1 destination in America and in 8th place worldwide. Here 10 rides invite you to experience some of the attractions.

1. Walking with history. Palermo Viejo, between low houses, cobbled streets, passages and avant-garde touches through restaurants of “ethnic” designer shops and theme bars, is one of the proposals to visit during a city tour in BA.  Thus, experts have the origins of this neighborhood, the presence of immigrants, the childhood memory of Borges. Other thematic proposals and other neighborhoods: “The Paris of South America”, “From village to metropolis, the historic” and “Puerto Madero”.
2. Tourist bus. The best, the essential, the characteristic of the Buenos Aires cityscape in a three-hour tour through the streets of Buenos Aires. For foreign visitors and curious locals, the Tourist Bus invites you to discover the architecture, history and culture with uploading and off as many times as you want in one of their stops: Florida Street (corner of Av Presidente Roque Saenz Pena.) , Avenida de Mayo, Congreso, Montserrat Mall (San Jose between Mexico and Venezuela), Defense (Av. Belgrano and Defense), San Telmo, Usina of ideas, Stadium Boca Juniors, Bar Tin 1880 (Hernandarias and Aristobulo del Valle ), Caminito, Madero Este (Julieta Lanteri and Rosario Vera Penaloza), Puerto Madero, the Port, Pacific Galleries, Plaza San Martin, Floralis Generica (Av. Figueroa Alcorta 2263), Malba, Planetarium, Rose Garden, Chinatown, Museum Larreta, Las Cañitas, Zoological Garden, Museum of Fine Arts, Recoleta and Colon Theatre. The bus runs daily from 9 to 17, with a frequency of 20 minutes after the zero stop. (Av. Roque Sanz Peña 728).

3. In the footsteps of the Pope. Guided tours for the life and pastoral action of Pope Francisco visits. Circuits walk by neighborhood Flores are held every Thursday at 15. The starting point is the Basilica San José de Flores (Av. Rivadavia 6950), the church of his childhood and adolescence, and where at age 17 decided devote his life to God. The circuit includes Solar for Children, where he was born and spent his early years with his parents and four younger siblings; the Our Lady of Mercy Institute, where he took his First Communion; Herminia Plazoleta Brumana, where he played with the neighborhood kids and Nº8 School “Colonel Pedro Antonio Cerviño”, where he completed his primary education. The circuit walk is free, takes about an hour and a half, does not require prior registration and suspended by lluvia.El circuit walk around the neighborhood of Monserrat is held every Tuesday at 15. The starting point is Av. Rivadavia and San Martin, the corner of the Metropolitan Cathedral, where Bergoglio was commissioned in 1998 to drive the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires. The walk takes about an hour and a half and there is gratuito.También circuits bus on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at 9 and 15 (starting from the Basilica San José de Flores and lasts three hours).

4. Guided tours Usina del Arte. Usina del Arte works in the historical building of the Company Italo Argentina de Electricidad, in La Boca, designed by architect Giovanni Chiogna and opened in 1916. cultural and architectural heritage, the Usina has a symphony hall of 5,500 square meters with capacity for more than 1,700 people (designed based on the Berlage Amsterdam), a chamber hall, a larger room, Foyer and microcine. To tour the building free tours on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 11 to 17 (last 45 minutes) tours available.

5. Reserve Costanera Sur. Rest areas, circuits for hiking, invitations to exercise: anything goes when it comes to learn and explore the Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve, one of the largest green spaces in the city. The Reserve was formed with seeds of different species of plants and trees that were “coming” naturally. This resulted in a landscape of lakes and marshes, cortaderales, forests of alders, willows and riparian thickets harbor a varied fauna: insects, speckled lizards, snakes, turtles, birds, otters and fish. There are free guided tours on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at 10.30 and 15.30 (April to October). Bird watching, the second Friday of each month at 9, from the entrance of Viamonte (registration required). There are also guided the moonlight once a month, close to the full (also with prior registration) Friday moon visits.

6. Japanese Garden. Harmony and balance in this park of Palermo where the Bridge of God, which represents the path to Paradise and the Truncated Bridge, which leads to the island of miracle cures, including a variety of Japanese plants as sakura, stands SCER palmatun and azaleas. The park, which also tends to concentrate an interesting variety of cultural activities was built by the Japanese community in 1967, coinciding with the visit to Argentina of then Crown Prince Akihito and his wife Michiko. In its lakes attract attention tents of various colors. It also has a restaurant and a nursery where you can buy bonsai.

7. Buenos Aires Misteriosa. Crime stories and urban legends: the poisoner Yiya Murano, the ghost of Antonio Torres de Pineda, the knacker Jorge Burgos and other dark to discover the neighborhoods of the city with a touch of mystery characters.

8. bike. The public bicycle system is a good way to walk the streets of Buenos Aires. There are 135 km of bicycle paths and bicycle paths linking, for example, the Tres de Febrero Park and Planetarium, the Hippodrome Palermo, the Japanese Garden, the lakes of Palermo, the Rose Garden and museums as the Sivori, the Fine Arts, Malba and José Hernández. Also shopping sites like Palermo circuit design or street shops Aguirre, plus Palermitans bars. The service is free, although until today operates Monday through Friday from 8 to 20 and Saturdays until 13, will next be used 24 hours, by phone or application of a magnetic card. Reports: www.buenosaires.gob.ar/ecobici

9. Since the Rio de la Plata. And if we know Buenos Aires from the water? The company Sturla offers rides of 20 minutes by boat from Puerto Madero, while Humberto M invited to sail and have lunch during a tour in which the interior of the Port of Buenos Aires, the Yacht Club Argentino, the old Hotel is observed Immigrants , the cruise terminal Quinquela Martin, the classic Fishermen Club with its typical construction and Jorge Newbery Airport.

 10. Aperitour. A tour of the best bars in Buenos Aires tasting delicious tapas and snacks made with Campari, Cynar, Aperol and Cinzano. The proposal, which combines places, drinks and meals with snacks experience, is the last Thursday of each month from 19.30 to 22, in different neighborhoods of the city. In one night three bars are traveled, trying different snacks accompanied by tapas and snacks. They are 40 minutes in each place, with periods of walking from one site to another.

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