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A lake that looks like a set design of The Lord of the Rings, a “great wall” of ice, a rock formation that resembles a cathedral in the middle of a lake, a forest that seems tale, a glacier that gives a leap … .and more…
They are landscapes that are in the Patagonia of Argentina and Chile, and that together sum up the reason why this region of the planet is so irresistible: a scenic beauty in imposing scale, desolate, inhospitable and where it seems that nature has deployed to the limit your imagination

A lake like something out of Middle-earth.

Before filming the saga of The Lord of the Rings, the production team was relieving possible shooting locations. Although we know that eventually were chosen location in New Zealand, it occurs to me that at least should have looked at this place. Lake Pehoe is in Chile, in an environment with the horns of Paine, and always accompanied by a changing climate that generates a unique visual every moment.

The great wall of ice

Imagine a monster ice 13 kilometers wide and 53 kilometers long. His forehead is an army of ice peaks of up to 40 meters high that challenge our misplaced when faced with a monumental scale senses. The  Upsala glacier is a wall of ice, the third in South America, although the most accessible among the great. It is part of Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina.

Marble Cathedral

In Chile, on the shores of Lake General Carrera, erosion has modeled such a curious rock formation that many did not hesitate to equate to a natural cathedral. It is located in the Aysen region.

A forest that seems tale.

Myrtles are a type of tree that only grows in temperate forest in Argentina and Chile. On an island of Lake Nahuel Huapi, the myrtle forest reaches an unusual density. With her brown and orange color, the forest has an aspect that is made up tale.

The glacier that gives a leap.

The Queulat National Park is one of the most intact landscapes of Patagonia. And within it, called the Hanging Glacier, it is a natural wonder to be bowled. This is a huge field of ice meets a steep cliff, and literally takes a leap into the void.

Skyscrapers Roca (Torres del Paine)

Torres del Paine is one of the most “dramatic” on our planet rocky landscapes of granite. While their height is not what stands out, if they do their shapes and impressive dimensions.

A glacier that looks “painted” (Glacier Grey)

By its nuances, by their tones, the environment and light situations, the Glacier Greyparece a work of abstract art. It looks like a painted landscape, and is in Chile.

A mountain that looks like smoke

From the Argentine side it is where the Fitz Roy better observed, with needles of rock that seem to puncture the sky. The summit, with its ridges much time remains in clouds that seem to simulate the mountain fuming. As a result, at one time the Fitz Roy was mistaken for a volcano.

A lake with photogenic thousand corners (Nahuel Huapi)

It is a large lake, with numerous arms extending in the area of Neuquen and Rio Black in Argentina. It has a deep blue color, and different characteristics and ecosystems in each of its ends. But above all, the Nahuel Huapi offers some of the best views in the world (at least so says a list of National Geographic where he appeared as the eighth best natural wide).

Glacier building a dam (Perito Moreno)

By itself, it’s a unique visual spectacle. To this, we must add that the Perito Moreno glacier, as it grows and advances, forms a natural dam on the lake, until not withstand the pressure of accumulated water and collapses. The collapse can last several days, and is one of the most impressive spectacles that nature provides.

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